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By Outstanding Japanese and Western Writers
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Title: The Japanese Image Edited by Maurice Schneps and Alvin D. Coox Essays, Stories and Poems About Japan
Author: By Outstanding Japanese and Western Writers
ISBN: None
Description: Selections from Orient/West Magazine
Hardcover (7 1/4 x 10 1/2), Orient/West Incorporated, 1965. 375 pages. Includes advertisements
Condition: Clean and tight volume with moderate age discoloration on endpapers and fly leaves; minimally elsewhere in the text; covers have edge wear and peel, corners bumped, a few areas of exposed boards, spine straight with tight hinge; minimal bow to front board, some discoloration, fade and faint damp stain.
Summary: Contents: --Peculiarities of the Japanese Character by Robert Schinzinger --Democracy and the Japanese Background by Tadashi Fukutake --Japan's Controversial Constitution by Iwao Hoshii --Educational Problems of Contemporary Japan by Robert Schinzinger --Showa 13: Year of the Tiger by Alvin Coox --Burakumin: Japan's 'Untouchables' by Jiro Suzuki --Japanese and the Quick Change by Edward Seidensticker --The Slums of Kamagasaki by Senji Kinai --The Longshoremen of Kobe Harbor by Hideto Mori --Hierarchy of Lust in 17th Century Japan by Ivan Morris --The Song Bird by Ito Einosuke --Ten Nights of Dreams by Natsume Soseki --Wager in Midair by Ogawa Mimei --'The Visitor' by Dazai Osamu --Under Reconstruction by Mori Ogai --Rediscovery by Yasunari Kawabata --Swaddling Clothes by Yukio Mishima --The Little Girl and the Bamboo Flute by Enji Chigusa --Four-Song-Dramas from the Kojiki Translated by by D. L. Philippi --Translations from the Man'yoshu and Imperial Anthologies Translated by Robert H. Brower and Earl Miner --Bankei-Eitaku and the Zen of Birthlessness Translated by Takashi Ikemoto and Lucien Stryk --Master Keizan's Sermons Translated by Takashi Ikemoto and Lucien Stryk --Furyu: An Ideal of Japanese Esthetic Life by Jinichi Konishi --A Brief History of the Japanese Theater by Shigetoshi Kawatake --Kabuki's Eleventh Danjuro by Gilbert Konishi --The Kabuki in New York by Donald Richie --On Translating Japanese Poetry by Earl Miner --Free versus Literal Translations by Edward Seidensticker --On Translating from the Japanese Classics: On Translating Saikaku - On Translating 'The Tale of Genji' by Ivan Morris --The Way of Senryu: Why Nobody Likes Senryu - The Way of Senryu by R.H. Blyth --Two Poems by Chuya Nakahara: Spring Will Come Again - Bones --Seven Japanese Poets: Homecoming by Fumiko Hayashi - Mosquito Net by Fuyuji Tanaka - I Worship the Sun by Yonejiro Noguchi - Early Summer in Izu by Fuyuji Tanaka - A Snow Garden by Motomaro Senke - At a Museum by Shuntaro Tanikawa - A Song of a Fisherman by Bocho Yamamura - My Hands by Yonejiro Noguchi --Five Poems by Shiro Murano: The Blind Man's Dog - Death - A Wintry Journey - Spring - Springtime of Life --Three Poems by Kitahara Hakushu: Fever - Red Fruit - Fireworks --Three Zen Poems by Shinkichi Takahashi: Horse - Quails - The Peach --Spring and the Ashura by Kenji Miyazawa --Envoy: The 'Real' Japan by R. H. Blyth --ABOUT THE AUTHORS



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